Meet the group

Joey Talghader


Professor Joseph Talghader heads the Optical MEMS Group at the University of Minnesota. More...

Merlin Mah


Merlin's research sends him to arid regions of the world, from the frozen plains of Antarctica to the deserts of the American Southwest. To this day, he does not know why. More...

Phyo Lin

Grad student

Our group's third-newest addition is excited to start blowing stuff up with lasers between his graduate level EE classes. More...

Avijit Das

Grad student

Avijit is trying to figure out the physical phenomena of heat transfer in optical materials at high temperatures. He Has a long way to go... More...

Tianqi Luo

Grad student

Some more text goes here. It won't be displayed on the shortened version (members.html), but will on the long version (members_expanded.html). More...

John Hunt

Grad student

He who does not fill out his website profile, gets a website profile filled out for him... More...

Zach Tebow

Grad student

In a state that loves hockey, one man dared to be different... More...


They came, they saw, they graduated. (Some of them even come back to visit!)

Yu-Jen Lee

The Cleanroom Resident

He has to come out to eat, right?

Eric Konitzer

The Script Writer

Okay, but I'm doing it in Linux.

Phil Armstrong


Could a microheater cook a microburger?

Andy Brown

Destroyer of Expensive Optics

Why is my sample on fire?

Andrew Acker

Now a Neighbor

We barely knew ye.

Jon Lake

The Clean Desk Guy

Highly resilient to hot peppers.

Luke Taylor

(Literal) Rock Star

Lasers and The One-Armed Men

Tirtha Mitra

The Perpetually Perplexed

This always works on TV

Wing Shan Chan

The Ice Queen

Plants! Chocolate! Plants!

Kyle Olson

The Theory Czar

Can this make me bike faster?

Anand Gawarikar


Anyone want to go climbing?

Ryan Shea

The Enforcer

Yeah! Yeah yeah!

Sangho Kim

The Mechanics Guy

Heat transfer... my old nemesis.

Nick Gabriel

The Unflappable

Some people aren't this organized?

Michael Manfred

The Microsoft Guy

Had a smartphone before they were... smart.

Jan Makowski

The Ultimate Research Machine


Woo-Bin Song

Just Woo-Bin

Knew where the equipment was buried.

Yuyan Wang

We Barely Knew Ye

The last forerunner.

B.J. Potter

Mike Sutton

Suffian Zamali

Wei Liu

About (TL;DR)

We are the ECE research group of Professor Joey Talghader at the University of Minnesota.

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